Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Day of Celebration

As you all know, I just recently celebrated my birthday.  Back home, on a day like that, I get to have a birthday leave.  But celebration always starts on the weekend before the actual date.  My mother would cook me her special recipe called the mustard hotdog beef wrapped, my favorite of course.  My sister would cook her pansit or my sister in law would make her spaghetti with cream. Any of those, I know I would enjoy that Sunday right before my birthday celebrating with my whole family.  On the exact date though, I would imagine a wonderful plan.  Since my husband has to work that day, after he leaves for work, I would take my time eating my breakfast of coffee and pandesal with cream cheese.  Lounge around a bit before hitting the shower and off I go to  start the day with a trip at the parlor.  I will have my nails done, manicure and pedicure of course.  I will have my hair trimmed or maybe a new haircut is in order.  By the time I get done, it will be lunch time.  I will have to meet my friends for that.  Maybe a lunch out for them in Megamall or somewhere near their office will be a great place.  Chatting away during lunch could be exhausting so a movie will relax me a bit.  After a movie, shopping is next in the agenda.  This will surely take much of the time in the afternoon so while waiting for my friends to get off work, a snack at Panera Bread is perfect.  And so, the night life starts in a bar somewhere in Malate.  We would watch a live band or maybe sing our heart out at a videoke bar.  It would be in the wee hours of the morning when I would be home.

Aaahhh … a day of celebration.

But not here. On my birthday, I had to work. There is no birthday leave.  There is no weekend celebration.  And there is certainly no day in the spa.  The celebration happens a day after the actual birthday.  I had to buy Pansit Palabok and eggrolls from a Filipino store. Guests are friends whom I consider our family.  Well, this is the life I have now.  No more gallivanting to the mall in any given day.  No more leisure spa treatments, though my nails both hands and feet of course, is in desperate need of cleaning.  No more free time to do whatever I want even on a work week. 

This is the life I have now.  Get over it already!


  1. Don't worry. Changes are great, even if it means a lot of adjustments, challenges to conquer and some standards to live up to. But sure are, along with the changes comes maturity, wisdom and more sense of responsibility. About the things you still want to do on your birthday, they are all possible. Next year, ask the boss for a day off. May be he will concede...God post, Dio!