Friday, July 23, 2010


Darn I got another junk email! I hate it when people send me junk emails. But this time its not exactly junk as I opened it. Everyday I probably receive ten to fifteen junk emails on top of all the ads from site I've visited and the regular emails I receive from family, friends and job placement agencies, membership sites and a dozen more. So basically I receive 50 to 80 emails a day... the reason why I always check my mail box everyday. Just imagine how many I will accumulate just missing one day of not checking my mail box! And so my routine goes... check my mail box in the morning and atleast once again in the evening before going to bed. Why am I complaining? It should not have to be this way but those junk mails made my life a little difficult. Ok? First of all, I don't mind getting a short email like just saying Hi or hello from friends esp. my family but getting those news about a new finding about smoking or warning about the food we eat, its just making me so paranoid! I got this email from a friend (don't worry I will not names here) telling me about the fresh fruits and vegetables we eat now a days. They have chemicals in them that are used by farmers which are potentially harmful to us. I understand the concern here, don't get me wrong but the truth is... if we follow all this precaustions, we won't have anything to eat which is really bad, you know what I am getting here right? I don't mind emailing me about certain electronics gadgets could cause cancer but telling me that a simple celphone, microwave or a wide screen tv can do that to a person... well, I am mortified! I have to admit, sometimes it could make sense but what are we going to do? This is part of our technology and progress in this world. Does these mean we are not to use any of those gadgets to keep us safe? Do we have to resort to planting our own vegetable and fruit gardens to be able to avoid those chemicals? I get it that we are just trying to be careful and prevent the spread of cancer and other diseases. But we are not helping our progression if we do. Why can't anyone just use technology to help cure cancer or other diseases instead of planting this insane paranoia in everyone? Promote the eating of fruits that is good for you like Guavano. Eat more green leafy vegetables. Ocra some says is very good in curing simple stomach problems. So, I can do away with those junk emails that could only make me paranoid in everything I love to do or eat. Send me those that makes me feel better and no chain emails either!

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