Friday, July 30, 2010

Carolina : The Movie Review

I got up early today because my husband is working early. Naturally, I had to get up when he is in the shower to prepare his breakfast and pack his lunch. This is usually our routine when I am on vacation and he had to work early. By the time he is finished dressing up, my breakfast for him is served. Complete with toasted bread or oatmeal, it depends on his mood and of course his coffee. He used to not like coffee and just lets me drink them He said I drink a lot of them for the both of us. But now, he is used to having them in the morning.As soon as he steps out of our apartment, I had this urgent thought of going back to bed and savour the empty bed for myself but instead, I sat up in bed, switch on the laptop and tv in one swift motion and waited. The computer took longer than the tv to come on so I browse the channels looking for shows that I thought is interesting. Bummer, no good movie is on at this early. Most are news or early morning talk shows. I flipped through the remote control like a maniac until I come to a movie channel. I can't really remember what channel it was but the actress caught my attention. Julia Stiles. I love her. She has this look about her face that I have always love. The girl-next-door attitude and style. I first saw her in 10 Things I hate About You where she played the lead role. I was enchanted with her there but not so much as I saw Mona Lisa Smile. She was brilliant in Mona Lisa plus the fact that Julia Roberts was one of the character. I thought she handled herself very well inspite of the all-star cast of the movie.

So we come now to the movie. Carolina. She played the main character. A young woman trying to find herself and her love inspite of all the drama going on around her and her family. It was just a simple movie perhaps even a low budgeted one but I thought it was a great one. It tells mostly about Carolina (who is Julia Stiles, obviously) and her relationship with her family particularly her grandmother and of course the boy next door. It shows how family supports each other inspite of all the differences and issues. How simple life can be and that we complicates things with our never ending need to search for fulfillment. And that one person we are looking for, the right guy, the perfect guy... is just literally the boy next door! What I love the most about this movie is when that guy finally decided to tell Carolina that she is the one... he handed her a manuscript. She thought it was one of his books (a romance books) written under an assumed name. But as he pointed out to her his real name under the title "Everyday Magic", a smile crept up her lips. And as she turn the page, it says For Carolina. She looked confused... stunned... and almost smile a bit. That was it for me. I was really hooked by Julia's charm. I just love her! Its a must movie for those who love real romance, not the cheap ones. It is a must see for those who likes simple, light hearted but completely deep family movie. Because this is about family, a need to find oneself and the ultimate search for your one true love. Enjoy!

My suggestion to all you folks out there, try to watch one of her movies. I have a list for you that you might want to check out.

1. Mona Lisa Smile

2. The Bourne Ultimatum (She is in all 3 of them but I like her character more on the last one)

3. A Little Trip To Heaven

4. 10 Things I Hate About You

5. Save The Last Dance

6. Down To You

7. A Guy Thing

8. The Prince And Me

And of course

9. Carolina

And I read somewhere that she is also appearing as a guest in Dexter, the cable series. I wonder how she'll look in a dark murder series like this one.

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