Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Once Upon a Time

As we reached the end of a long and narrow street, I started a fit! My eyes squinted, mouth pouted with arms crossed. He would not stop at anything right now for me to have time to pick something I want. We are standing at the busy sidewalk under the morning sun. He looked at his watch and decided we are late anyway. He threw his hand in the air in sweet surrender as I smiled to him and reminded myself to give him a long nice hug later. Happily, I followed him stopping every so often to picked up something that caught my eyes. Yellow mainly, some red and others are pink. Some are big but a lot are small. As we reached our destination, he picked me up in his strong arms. I gave him the biggest hug my short arms can give. Buried my little fingers in his thick curly black hair. I kissed him on the cheeks before putting me down on the ground. I pushed the small swinging door on the side of the long counter. The door was almost as high as my shoulders. I looked around wondering what kind I will get today. As I scan up the long counter where glass jars are line up filled with colorful goodies inside them.

I noticed she is standing by the entrance smilling. Her hair pulled back in a bun at the top of her head. I reached for her hand and touched it on my forehead. She murmers a blessing as she placed them on top of my head. I looked back hoping he is still there. A slight sadness on my face, I see his face inside the crowded jeepney and waved. She then scoop me up and sat me at a very old but sturdy table. It has a lot of scratches on top and sides of the table. It felt really rough under where I was sitting. I ran my fingers on my side feeling the chipped top of the table. My feet tangling. There are only 2 small drawers. One contains old rusty tools, screws and matches. The other has old coins, loose change and old bills. As I was sitted, my little fingers could feel the dust under me but I don't mind at all. I showed her what I collected for her that day. They would looked ordinary to anyone but they are treasures for me. She smiled. She reached for an empty softdrink bottle by the sink and lets me stick my flowers in them. Placed the bottle with my picked flowers for the day behind me on the table. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and lets me jump off holding both my small hand. She grabs one glass jar by the counter and lets me dig inside it and picked the first of my many treats of the day. Caramel stick, my favorite! She started softly chattering... batang eloy... batang eloy... batang eloy. I ran towards the back door of the store. Happy for my treat. As I climbed up the stairs, I could already hear them and thought we are trully late. But I don't mind. I got my flowers and I got my treat. What more could I ask for? Now its play time with my cousins!

A bit of memory I remember during my childhood. I think I was about 3 or 4 at that time. My dad would drop me off at my grandparents' house. Since babysitters during those days were the grandparents, my cousins and I were often dropped off there. The old house will be crowded with all of us there playing. I guess that is why I am very close to my cousins. We literally grew up together. I miss my grandma...

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  1. it really is nice to sometimes remember those innocent days of childhood. thanks for sharing this with us, dio!