Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Things I love about my husband

It's our 12th year Anniversary and I thought I pay tribute to our years together by naming 12 things I love about my husband. This is just a random list of why I do, this is not necessarily enumerated base on gravity of each one.

1. He lets me choose what movie to watch.

2. He drives me to and from work whenever he can.

3. He eats my cooking without complain even if I know its a disaster.

4. He leaves me alone every time my favorite TV shows are on.

5. He makes me laugh.

6. He tolerates my outbursts of anger or mood swings. (I don't know how long he will hold on though)

7. He always lets me choose where to eat on date night.

8. He compliments me from even the smallest and biggest things I do.

9. He loves my family and my family loves him.

10. He works hard to provide a better future for both of us.

11. He believes in me so much.

12.He loves me no matter what.

I could add more to this list but that would be for the next 50 more years to come.


  1. cheesy!! Loi should read this and expect him to love you more. Really? you don't fight over the remote? Girl, your husband is a saint.

  2. aaawwwwwww...how sweet! congrats to you both, wow, has it really been that long for you both? i wish you both many more years together.

  3. hahaha... i know he should really be cannonize as a saint for sticking up with me this long.