Friday, April 8, 2011

Buses and Trains

Have you ever felt like you are in a middle of a crowded room and you wanted to disappear? Or when you have a lot on your mind, decisions you have to make, weighing on your options and you just want to erease everything like a blackboard and start all over again? Or when you just want to clear your head of all the bad thoughts you were thinking? Because I do. Well, I found my way to escape all that without losing my head. I call it my "moving conscience". Whenever I feel like the world is crumbling down on me or that I need to just clear my head, I take the bus or train to wherever I wanted to go. No, I don't take them without any destination, that would be insane! I just love taking public transportation when I feel depress or lonely. I like the anonimity in a crowded train where other people are minding their own business. I like being in a bus where people come and go. I don't mind waiting in the station, standing still thinking nothing of the time whether its late or not but knowing the fact that the ride will soon come. I like watching the scenes pass by, cars and people moving about at their own pace. Tall trees I see replaced by buildings and houses as I move closer to the city. Even the traffic is a welcome annoyance to me. Because I know that after all these, I will still arrive at my destination. At the last stop, I either feel that my head is completely refreshed, depends on how long my travel is, or that partly I had cleared my head enough of any negative thoughts and ready to look at things in a different perspective. So when you see me on a bus or train, don't hesitate to say hi but be aware that I'm not there for long conversations. Don't feel offended if I ignore you for the rest of the trip.

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  1. Yes i can relate to this, totally. Sometimes we are so caught up with our concerns, we just need some time to be free and be consumed by other things. Only, i have not tried losing myself aboard a bus or a train. Baka kung saan ako makarating hehe..