Monday, August 6, 2012

My Love Affair

I started reading romance novel at the age of 13. Nope, I did not start with Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys but went right straight to Mills & Boons. It was a great influence from my relatively big group of women cousins, not to mention my sister who is 5 yrs. older than me, who were all reading pocket books. I witness the frequent exchanges and trade ins of the books between them. The most popular back then was Mills & Boons.  I've seen the wall of bookshelves my oldest cousin have in her room where we, my lady cousins, always gather around to borrow from her. The very first book I read was by Janet Dailey. Too much drama if you ask me but I love her just the same.
Reading to me is very fascinating.  I do not know if you experience the same way I do when I read but I think its really powerful.  Because when I am reading a book, it seems to me like I am watching a movie in my mind.  I can picture the characters and the events happening just like a movie.  I specifically like the part where I can almost feel the tension, twist and turns of the story that I am a live participant. And that starts my love affair with books.
I moved on to read authors like Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught and of course Barbara Cartland.  These writers made me love the Victorian and Edwardian centuries.  The ballgowns and corsets added to the romanticizm of that time. I loved those historical romance books.
After a while, I jumped from one author to another, getting bored with what I read.  I am looking for that adventure and romance that I found from the previous books I read. The excitement I felt reading about riding horses, attending a ball on my gown, getting invitations for an afternoon tea in the gardens and meeting the dashing Earl or Duke who will swept me off my feet.  I guess all I need is time...
I came across a certain author named Patricia Cornwell, a recommendation from a friend.  An author who ignites my curiosity for mystery, crime and action.  Then came, Stephanie Mayers, who introduced me to the world of vampires.  I know everyone must know her name by now but for me, I've only know her from the movie Twilight. I would have never read her books if it has not been for the movie.  Then again, I give her credit for it ignites my interest for vampires.
A couple of months ago, I went to a second hand bookstore to look for more books I can sink my hand into.  I am looking for new adventures and possibly a mystery.  I saw from the top bookshelves was about eight paperback books lined up together of the same author. It seems to me that it is a series of books.  Curiosity kicks in as I grab all of them thinking, this should be good or I am returning these books.
Happy with my purchase, I got home and started reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.  And whoooaaa, it was great!  I was taken to a world of supernatural that I have never been before. Yes, it was about vampires and wolves like Twilight but this is INTENSE! Really ABSURD! CH, short for Charlaine Harris, is funny, witty, smart and incredibly good.  Let me tell you that I could not put the book down as soon as I started it.  She is amazing!
So now, I would like to say I am sorry to the Montgomery's, Taggert's, Earls, Dukes and Prince's I've known all those years reading but I have a new man in my life now and his name is Eric...
Eric Northman, Viking Vampire. Bwaaahaahaaahaa...

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  1. I started with Readers Digest. In my lolo's house madami silang 'vintage' na RD as in 1970s. Doon ko una na appreciate ang reading.