Monday, July 23, 2012

What's Up With That?

We went to our own church this Sunday. Because lately we were going to Saint Itas in Chicago with our friends.  I thought it was really great since we don't have to wake up early or hurry up getting ready and have to travel 30 minutes to get there.  It only takes us 5 minutes and we are usually 20 minutes early for the mass.  It gives us a chance to choose our sit which is usually at the right side of the altar, watch people coming in and reflect on things before the mass starts.

I knelt for a while hoping to get my mind cleared.  Took out my prayer, which my sister and mother gave me, from my bag and started the solemn and quiet prayer.  Before I knew it, the church started packing with people.  It was the first time I noticed that the crowed was mixed of all type of race.  Different color of skin, hair and to my suprise age as well.  It felt good to me that Christianity has come a long way since the time they were prosecuted and condemned.
Four rows in front of us, sat two old ladies we always see.  Perhaps they were sisters or old friends because they always come together and sits on the same spot, if they can and always at that 11:30 am mass.  Further on the right, there is the family of five.  The parents and their three girls, all blond haired.  They are all grown up now.  I remember when we first saw them, the eldest is just about 3 yrs. old and the youngest at that time is about two and quiet the loudest one and the mom is pregnant with the now youngest.  How time flies.  Up on the back row, I can recognize faces I've seen and exchanged "peace with you" with before.
As the choir gets ready... I noticed a couple of new faces which mostly are teenagers.  I particularly paid attention to a teenaged girl who sat with probably her grandmother in the very front row.  She was wearing a tight red tank top and black sweat pants.  As the mass started, while everyone is standing and singing the opening song, she started scratching her lower back.  Pulling up the back of her tank top and putting her hands inside her back pants which I think is very inappropriate.  The guy sitting behind her whisphered to the girl next to him perhaps to comment of that behaviour which I can't blame him.  It almost showed part of her butt when she did that scratching.
I looked around, wondering if other people noticed it too.  I guess I was the only one who is not paying attention to the mass that I noticed it.  And so the mass progressed on,  until I heared somebody's cellphone ringing. And I saw one teenager texting right behind me.  OMG, what is wrong with this people!  That's it... I was totally distructed now.
Communion came and I got a chance to see people wearing inappropriate clothes.  I see people wearing shorts, tank tops and tub tops in church. Some are in slippers and flip flops.  Whatever happen to the time that we dress up to go to church?  I remember when I was a kid that my mother will dress me and my sister colorful yet appropriated dresses just to attend mass.  I also remember the time when women and girls wear a veil going to church.  Whatever happen to those times?
Whats up with that?  People use to dress up really well when they go to church.  I remember in high school, I went to catholic school, the nuns would always remind us that when you go to mass, its like going out on a date.  It just so happen that your date is God.  And you would always dress really nice when you are on a date right?  So what happen to that concept?
I also remember the times that as a kid, my mom would give us this look whenever we misbehaved in church.  I knew back then that I am going to get it as soon as the mass is over.  She would lecture me about behaving in other peoples' house which is just like attending the mass.  You are a guest in God's house that you have to be quiet, listen to your host and no moving a lot.  Otherwise, I will get that tiny pintch in the crouch.
And whats up with the cellphone ringing inside the church while there is mass.  I understand that some people can't live without their gadgets even for a minute but please put them in silent as a respect to others. And whats up with texting inside the church?  Can't your message wait until the end of the mass?
I don't know what is happening to our society today... but Christianity came a long way indeed and this is where we end up???

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  1. I say, you're too busy observing others ha. Good observation though. But you see there are a lot of things that have already changed. What may be unacceptable before is acceptable now. And there will always be different people with different cultures, thoughts, etc. Just my two cents.