Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Been A While

Hello bloggers... I know its been a while since my last blog.  Its not that I am very busy and have no time to log in. In fact, I am often on facebook but I was just looking around and sometimes, just doing nothing waiting for something to happen... hahaha!
But I have something to tell you about this new thing I am into.  Actually its now new to me... lets just say that I am back into reading books.  And I mean... reading a lot of books.
Apparently, the reason why I stopped reading, which I love to doing by the way, is that my eyes gets soooo tired easily and I can't read softbounds anymore due to its small letters. Yes.... yes .... yes ... I know! I just needed glasses for reading. So there you go... I finally admitted to myself that I am getting old and needed reading glasses.
Now that we have that all cleared... I am going to tell you this thing that happen to me which excites me as if I am like a teenager!


  1. Welcome back to blogger, Dio! So what is this thing that's so exciting it makes you feel like a teenager???

  2. Welcome back to blogger! Actually you never stop writing naman eh. You just don't post them in here. So what are you up to now beside getting lazy eyes (joke!)?